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Chestnut Buns

Chestnut Buns are a delightful and comforting treat, featuring soft, fluffy buns filled with a sweet chestnut paste. These buns are perfect for breakfast, snacks, or as a dessert, offering a warm and inviting flavor that is both satisfying and delicious. The dough for the buns is made from a mixtur
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Pistachio Cheesecake and Raspberry Mousse

Pistachio Cheesecake Cheesecake and Raspberry Mousse is an indulgent and elegant dessert that combines the rich, nutty flavor of pistachio cheesecake with the light and airy texture of raspberry mousse. This unique fusion is perfect for special occasions, offering a visually stunning and incredibly
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Sesame Steamed Buns

Sesame Steamed Buns are a delightful and traditional Asian treat featuring soft and fluffy buns filled with a sweet sesame paste. These buns are perfect for breakfast, snacks, or as a dessert, offering a comforting and flavorful bite that is both satisfying and delicious. The dough for the steamed
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Lemon Chiffon Cake

Lemon Chiffon Cake is a light and airy dessert that combines the delicate texture of chiffon cake with the refreshing flavor of lemon. This elegant cake is perfect for any occasion, offering a sophisticated and delightful treat that is both delicious and refreshing. The chiffon cake batter is made
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Cheesecake is a rich and creamy dessert that features a smooth, velvety filling made primarily of cream cheese, sugar, and eggs, set atop a crunchy, buttery crust. This classic dessert is perfect for any occasion, offering a luxurious and indulgent treat that is both elegant and satisfying. The cru
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Lemon Chiffon Cream Cake

Lemon Chiffon Cream Cake is a light and airy dessert that combines the delicate texture of chiffon cake with the refreshing flavor of lemon and the richness of cream. This elegant cake is perfect for any occasion, offering a sophisticated and delightful treat that is both delicious and refreshing.
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Cherry Cake Roll

Cherry Cake Roll is a delightful and visually appealing dessert featuring a light and fluffy sponge cake decorated with a cherry pattern. This elegant dessert is perfect for any occasion, offering a beautiful and delicious treat that is both satisfying and refreshing. The sponge cake batter is made
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Lemon Crepe Cake

Lemon Crepe Cake is an exquisite and delicious dessert consisting of numerous paper-thin crepes layered on top of each other, each layer generously spread with a light lemon cream. The bright citrus aroma of the cream comes from fresh lemon juice and zest, providing a perfect balance of tart and swe
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Produit vraiment parfaitement adapté aux poêles recouvertes d'un film anti adhérent, genre Tefal, ne griffe pas, suffisamment souple pour s'adapter aux courbes des ustensiles de cuisine et suffisamment rigide pour permettre de saisir des aliments comme avec une spatule ou une cuillère. Se nettoie au lave vaisselle, pas de modification de l'apparence malgré un usage intensif et lavage hebdomadaire depuis plus d'un an. J'en ai acheté en 4 coloris pour des usages différents distincts. Vraiment un excellent produit, je recommande sans réserve.
I looked for quite sometime for a strainer that was as deep as my 50 year old one that was getting a little worn out! And this one fit the bill and I couldn’t be more pleased. Great for rinsing rice or sifting powdered sugar or flour. I didn’t need a set of three because already have a small one. The price was up there but worth it to get the proper size and well made and sturdy! If you’re looking for one that’s a little deeper, this is it!
La mejor espátula que he probado. Buscaba una espátula sutil, no demasiado grande y de buena calidad. Esta espátula tiene todo: es flexible y rígida a la vez, muy fácil de limpiar, no se pega la comida y es muy fácil revolver o dar vueltas a la comida. En concreto la uso para las tortitas y es perfecta. Muy contento.
This coffee scoop is solid 18/8 stainless steel and is much thicker and heavier than I thought it was for the price. Overall, I am delighted and will look at other products U-Taste makes.
This set has 3 sizes, and we use all of them, and they are all great. But by far the most popular with our guests is the small size, which we affectionately nickname Baby Tongs. They are so popular with guests that we have repurchased this set as gifts.Sturdy, elegant, a nice mix of black and stainless. I've used these regularly for years and never had any issues. The silicone material withstands high heat, so I've even used the large one for quick flips on the grill without issue. Very versatile, can also be used for serving appetizers, salads, etc.
Yüksek ısıya dayanıklı ve kullanımı çok rahat. Rengine de bayıldım.
The set of baking mats is excellent. I use at least one of the mats daily! They keep the shape, have zero smell, nothing sticks and easy to clean. I have some other U-Taste products, and all of them are of top-notch quality. The set would make a great gift due to its lasting quality.
Straconsigliate! Le uso al ristorante anche sulla griglia e nell'olio bollente. Fatte davvero bene, ottimo materiale, silicone rigido Ma che permette di afferrare le cose più delicatamente rispetto alle pinze in solo metallo
Works exactly as described, made Birthday cakes with them, spreads icing perfectly
بحثت في قوقل عن أفضل أنواع ملاعق وأدوات الطبخ السيليكون وهذا النوع كان أحد أفضل ثلاثة وطلبت مجموعة قطع كلها جميلة جداً اللون والمتانة والمقاس .
Ich verwende den Pfannenwender beim Braten und Wenden der Lebensmittel in der Heißluftfriteuse . Er ist sehr stabil, um auch mal ein ganzes Hähnchen zu wenden. Breit genug um ein sicheres handling zu gewährleisten. Er ist Hitze beständig und schont auch die Beschichtung ! Tolles Teil !
This is a high quality baster. The plastic is thick and will not crack like the cheap ones. The design is thoughtful with there being an integrated stand on the side of the baster. The silicone bulb is very flexible and provides good suction. The cleaning brush is a nice touch. All in all, I recommend this baster if you're tired of the cheap ones that crack and break. Enjoy.
My wife wants to have these because most cooking books use these measures for ingredients, and she was tired of guessing and losing that next-level step. She is now super happy.
Great little addition to the kitchen We’d bought non stick pans and these are perfect to use as they don’t scratch the pans and they are durable and heat resistant!
Las utilizo en la cocina, muy prácticas para evitar quemaduras o para freír churros, nuggets, etc
Produit vraiment parfait pour aider à la cuisson d'une volaille et avoir une viande savoureuse pas sèche à la sortie du four d'ailleurs c'est le second que j'achète pour une amie car le mien acheté il y a déjà quelque temps est toujours en parfait état de marche et toujours aussi facile d'utilisation
Ich war auf der Suche nach einem möglichst großen Spatel für Teige, Soßen und Ähnliches der möglichst hitzebeständig ist und war sehr froh als mir der 29 cm große Spatel von U-Taste zum Testen angeboten wurde und habe ihn gleich bestellt. Der Spatel wurde gleich am nächsten Tag, verpackt in einer schmalen Plastikhülle geliefert. Der Silikonspatel ist schön griffig,hat die perfekte Größe und ist zudem sehr biegsam. Er wirkt hochwertig, nahtlos und hat am Ende des Griffes eine Öffnung an der man ihn aufhängen kann. Laut Hersteller hält das Material des Spatels Temperaturen bis zu 315 Grad Celsius aus, das heißt man kann ihn auch problemlos in kochenden Flüssigkeiten oder heißen Pfannen einsetzen ohne das er Schaden nimmt. Praktischerweise kann man ihn danach auch problemlos in der Spülmaschine reinigen. Für einen Preis von 11,99 € finde ich Material, Verarbeitung, Optik und Handhabung durchaus fair und würde den Spatel zu dem Preis auch wieder nachkaufen. Ich kann den 29 cm großen Spatel von U-Taste daher absolut empfehlen.
I love my new little sieve! I have a small kitchen with limited cupboard and drawer space, so tend to buy smaller kitchen utensils. I'm actually just using this to drain any excess water from boiled rice and it works a treat, even though it's now really meant to be it's primary use! Would I recommend? It's cute, compact, fits easily into a cutlery drawer, does a great job for what I want it for, well priced, well yes I'm very very happy to recommend this product.
An Octopus turkey baster- who would’ve thought of such a thing! Great idea. Worked amazingly at thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter turkey dinners. I bought the purple one. Easy to clean with the little brush that comes with . Highly recommend. I’d buy again.
التقييم كتبته بعد ما استخدمتها لاكثر من سنه.. ممتازة تتحمل الحرارة وسعرها يتساهل جودتها ودايك اغسلها بغساله المواعين
Franchement, je les adores.Ketchup, sirop d’érable et huile, elles sont étanches, et aucun dégât. 👍
I have only used this spoon once since I have received it but I already like it. I bought this to replace cooking with a wooden spoon when I cook in my wok. This spoon is solid, strong, heat resistant and it can go in the dishwasher. In addition it is big enough that I do not need to dirty a separate spoon to scoop the food out.
I first bought it with another set and given it to my sister. I bought the second time for myself 😀 Due to its shape, it’s wonderful for sauteeing, scoop up food, heat resistant (handle won’t burn up) and it can stand the high temperature (315°C).
There are a number of adjustable rolling pins available, but this is the one to get, for several reasons. First, the slip on rings are way easier to use than the cumbersome screw on type. Second, the little ridge built into the rings creates a great stand to hold your rolling pin while preparing your dough. But most important, almost all the others have rings which create dough thickness of 3 and 6 mm. This set, however, has a 4 mm ring, just the right depth for so many things. (For perspective, 3 mm is very thin and delicate, 6 mm creates a quite thick and heavy dough, but 4 mm is just right for things like homemade Oreo cookies.). And priced right too. Highly recommended!
These spoons/spatulas really are perfect. They are sturdy for stirring chili and soup but also flexible at the edge for scrambled eggs and cleaning out my jars of homemade dressings so I don't waste any. Aqua sky is a really nice color. They wash up easily. The grip is good. All around a perfect spoon. I was pleased that this Seller, U-Taste, described his product well and delivered "as" described. I will come back to U-Taste for any other future kitchen needs.
I've been using these now for a couple months so feel comfortable in writing a review (i hate when reviews are given after only being used a couple times because they haven't been used long enough to give a fair review) I love love love these utaste utensils - they are soft yet strong- The silicone utensils that you get at retail stores work well for the most part, but don't compare to these.. not even close. They are typically made in 2 parts whereas these are made as one continuous piece. I bought both the solid spatula as well as the slotted. Love them !
I liked that the spoon had a wide scoop to it, as some spoons are quite narrow. Ergonomically it was comfortable. Out of choice I would have liked a shorter handle, but that would be my preference. Heat resistant as you would expect for using with hot food.
I got this specifically to make poached eggs. It does a great job draining the broken down white. It’s done well in the dishwasher and I’m pretty confident it will last a long time due to its quality construction. This is a good kitchen investment.
These are some of the nicest measuring cups I've used. Most people would say there is no difference between measuring cups. Yes, they all perform the same function and hopefully the same measurement. However, some cups are just plain cheap. Just formed plastic that, over time becomes warped and eventually discarded. These U-Taste measuring cups are sturdy stainless steel that won't warp or fall apart. In these cups, every part is welded together, not glued. They also feature colorful handles. This means after time, you'll just look for the color and not have to hunt through all of the cups or spoons to find the right size. It's the little things that impresses me! Bottom line: if you need a set of measuring cups or spoons, this is a great buy! They don't cost a lot more than the cheap stuff, and the extra money is well spent.
It did exactly what it said it would. I’ve bought a cheaper option before. Nearly did it again, but decided I’d give this a go. It works really precisely as it states it will. Doesn’t just dribble fat over your spuds! Well worth the extra bit of money 😁
Die Zange kann man für fast alles brauchen. Zum Wenden beim Grillen, zum Kochen, zum Leeren des Backblechs. Ich nehme sie auch für beschichtete Pfannen (rühre aber nicht damit um, sondern hebe z.B. Fleischstücke, etc. damit an und wende sie so).
Ich weiß nun nicht, was man viel über ein einfaches Küchengerät schreiben soll, aber ok: Der Schaber ist stabil und fühlt sich wertig an. Er ist gut zu reinigen (keine Übergänge, da komplett mit Silikon überzogen), schonend zur Pfanne, die Silikonlippe ist nicht zu weich. Er liegt gut in der Hand, ist allerdings relativ lang. Ansonsten tut er, was er soll - und dies bislang absolut zufriedenstellend.
I love this measuring cups and spoons set. I like matching the same color utensils, which this company offers. The quality is really good, delivery is fast and good packaging. Would recommend! I really like this company and its great quality. I've bought a lot of stuff from them and I am very satisfied with all their products!
It exceeded my expectations in every way, I really enjoyed it. In addition to the beautiful measuring cups and spoons, this product is of excellent quality and has a very good price with the offer. It is definitely worth paying for this item.
Les spatules sont efficaces (bon équilibre entre souplesse et rigidité), confortables à utiliser et faciles à nettoyer. Les couleurs vives apportent une note de bonne humeur dans la cuisine.
Helpful conversion chart to stick on the fridge, clean design, and happy I won’t lose the measurements on the cups and spoons since they’re dented/etched onto the product.
This set is amazing! I originally bought it for it’s heat resistance which is better than I could’ve ever dreamed, it also cleans up so easily and is very durable even after the dishwasher. I do a lot of cooking on my cast iron skillet and metal utensils have always been the only things that worked for me, however these U-taste utensils are WONDERFUL. I will be buying the whole line of their heat resistant cookware!
Unlike the screw-in type adjuster, this one is simply a slot-in silicon rings type. Very easy to apply/adjust and easy to clean too.
Diese Messlöffel haben mich mit ihrer ausgezeichneten Qualität überzeugt, da sie aus einem Stück gefertigt sind und alles gut lesbar ist. Besonders praktisch finde ich die Angabe der Milliliter, die viel Zeit spart.Ein weiteres Highlight ist der praktische Ring, mit dem die Löffel zusammengehalten werden können. Das sorgt nicht nur für Ordnung in der Küchenschublade, sondern macht sie auch leicht zugänglich.Insgesamt kann ich diese Messlöffel nur wärmstens empfehlen!
Muy útil y cubierta de silicona segura para uso alimentario . Resistente al calor , la que más de todo el mercado .
Klockren produkt, använder dom i princip alltid vid matlagning på spisen
Very nice sling that feels thick, heavy and well made. I also like the handles that are a few inches longer and 1/2"" wider than others I've used. The added length gives you a little more material to fold over when you put the lid back on the Dutch Oven during baking. And the holes at the end of these straps provide a great place to grip and hold on.The Slings are made from a fibrous mesh mat coated with silicone. They have the common recognizable shape of a round central area with 2 long lifting straps on opposite sides. The dimensions and image on the webpage are accurate.The slings work great with our standard Dutch oven and our inverted design sometimes referred to as a Cloche Dutch oven. We typically bake at about 500 degrees C, and these slings have no issues at that temperature.We’re very happy with the slings. They have a good size and shape and are made from quality materials. They work great for our bread making. We would recommend them.
I have tried about 6 different companies to find a silicon set that is able to replace my first set from about 15 years ago. (2 handles broke on that set). This is the first set that all of them have flex and are soft enough to not damage my pans BUT still strong enough to use as a cooking utensil to stir/separate items. I was seriously amazed at how many of these utensils are so squishy they are useless (trying to cook with jello is not cool).Love the color! EXACTLY what I was looking for!
Chaque élément est en 1 seule pièce, avec un acier inox suffisamment épais et/ou une forme qui le rend suffisamment solide pour un usage intensif (y compris pour doser des farces ou des pâtes assez compactes.  Sensiblement plus cher que les autres sets 100% inox que l'on trouve sur Amazon, mais la qualité est là. C'est ce que je recherchais.
El producto llego antes de lo esperado. Me encanto, supera mis expectativas. Las tazas y cucharas de medicion son hermosas y de excelente calidad. Ademas tiene la tabla de conversion de medidas metalica y magnetica para tener muy accesible en el refrigerador. El precio es muy bueno con la oferta y vale la pena pagarlo por este producto.
A mio parere sono dei misurini fatti davvero bene. Non sono amante della plastica, ed ho scelto questi perché fatti totalmente in metallo (acciaio inossidabile 18/8). Sono pesanti quanto una posata, quindi non credo che si deformeranno facilmente. I misurini cup sono ulteriormente graduati. Su quello da una tazza, ad esempio, sono riportate due tacche: una in corrispondenza di mezza tazza e l'altra in corrispondenza di tre quarti di tazza. La tabella di conversione è dotata di calamita sul retro. Si possono anche lavare in lavastoviglie (io preferisco farlo a mano). Costicchiano è vero, tuttavia non si romperanno e non dovrebbero deformarsi. Li ritengo eterni. Inoltre dovrebbe essere il set più completo che si possa comprare su Amazon. Secondo me valgono i soldi pagati.
Used this to replace my bamboo spatulas that kept getting ruined in the dishwasher (I’m too lazy to hand wash). These are a great alternative and are even easier to cook with than my old ones! The ends are a bit sharper so when cooking ground beef it’s easier to split it up and the meat comes off the spatula easier. Would definitely buy again.
What can I say? These silicone tipped tongs are a good design and decent manufacture, nice size, not too expensive and do the job well. Also, so far, the catch holding them together in the drawer works properly. Just what I hoped for.