Air-Fryer Chiffon Cake

Air-Fryer Chiffon Cake


Eggs 2

Vegetable oil 20g

Milk 30g

Cake flour 35g

Sugar 30g

Lemon juice 2g

Vanilla extract 2g


Mix milk and vegetable oil, add in cake flour, and mix well. Separate the eggs, mix egg yolks with batter, set aside. In another bowl, use a hand mixer, beat egg white, sugar and lemon juice, until it forms soft peaks. Add beaten egg white into the batter, mix well, add in vanilla extract, and mix well. Pour the batter into a 6-inch cake mold, and cover it with tin foil. Send into the air-fryer, 160(320) for 30 minutes.

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Hi can this also be made in an oven?


Can you do this in an oven? Cake looks so fluffy!!!


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