Blueberry Bagels


330g bread flour
3.5g salt
10g granulated sugar
2g yeast
125g blueberries
90g cold water
6g honey
5g unsalted butter

120g softened cream cheese
12g powdered sugar

Blueberry Sauce
120g blueberries
30g granulated sugar

1. Put all the ingredients for dough in the stand mixer bowl, beat until it forms a dough ball. Divide into 6 pieces, roll into 6 small balls, and let rest for 30 minutes.
2. In a bowl, put in softened cream cheese and sugar, use a hand mixer to beat until smooth.
Put into a piping bag, set aside.
3. In a milk pot/non-stick pot, put in blueberries and sugar, press and mix under medium heat until thickened. Let the sauce cool down, put into a piping bag, set aside.
4. Roll the dough balls flat. Pipe in filling, roll it up, shape into a bagel. Let rest until 1.5 times bigger.
5. In a pot, put in 500g water, and 20g granulated sugar, heat until simmer, put in each bagel, cook for 20 seconds each side.
6. Preheat the oven to 410℉(210℃) and bake for 16 minutes. Let the bagels cool down then serve.

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