Crepes Cake with Raspberry and Strawberry Cream Filling and Jelly Top

Crepes Cake with Raspberry and Strawberry Cream Filling and Jelly Top

This cake looks like you can spend a lot of time on it, but once you get the tricks, and it will not be a problem. And some of my viewers (thank you all for the likes) said that I must have a lot of free time to make it. Well, the fact is, as a member of the U-Taste test kitchen, we do have plenty of time testing our kitchenware and all kinds of interesting recipes. And this cake, though may require some efforts, happens to be one of my colleagues’ birthday cake. We have made one during the Live, he had a slice of this, and asked for one at his birthday, and we made him this cake.

Long story in short, the tricky part of making this cake is how to make some thin and equal size crepes. First, you will need a non-stick pan (the pan size will be the size of your cake) and a silicone spatulaWhy silicone spatula? The crepes should be thin by then, any other kinds of spatula (let’s say, steel spatula) can easily break it or prick it and make many small holes and ruin your cake, or worse, your non-stick pan. Wooden one will not do, just too stiff.

And about the sizes of each crepe. Use a measuring cup can help you keep them in the same size (at least very close to each other). I used a cup from U-Taste transparent measuring cup set. Each cup of this set has mid line on it, so I don’t have to make a full scoop every time and be worried about ingredients spilling out.


Most importantly, the heat. Heat the pan first, in a low/medium heat, no rush. Once you feel that the pan is evenly heated,about 120℃(248℉)to 130℃(266℉), pour a cup/1/2 cup (your choice, adjust the amount accordingly) batter in, give the pan a gentle shake and let the batter go around. Since you heat the pan beforehand, there should be a layer of crepe forms already, and you can still see some (not very much) batter flows, you can just pour them back to the bowl, if you want to keep the crepes thin. It does not matter if you don’t. Keep a low/medium heat; you don’t want to burn the crepes. Once the layer starts to bubble, gently peel it from the rim (use a spatula that has a thin and soft edge), and let it cool on a cooling rack. Now all you have to do is to repeat this step until you make enough crepes.

Tips: strain the batter before you fry it to make sure it will have no lumps.

How many layers should you make? It is optional. We made 28 layers that day, but if you want it to be 10, 15, 20, or even 8, no one is going to judge you.



Non-Stick Pan

Silicone Spatula

Measuring Cup and Spoon

Mixing Bowl

Cooling Rack

Fine Mesh Strainer



For the Batter (Crepes):

10g unsalted butter

3 eggs

25g sugar
20g corn starch
60g flour (cake flour)
300g milk


For the Filling:

Strawberry and Raspberry Cream
50g raspberry puree 
30g strawberry puree
30g sugar
2g gelatin
700g heavy cream
35g sugar


For the Jelly Top:
50g raspberry puree
30g strawberry puree
40g sugar
5g gelatin
30g water


If you have any questions or suggestions, or you have seen a better way to make this cake, different filling ideas, stories, comment and share with us! 

Thank you for reading.

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