Cute Bear Macarons

Cute Bear Macarons

If you get tired of classic macarons (whom am I kidding), it is time to make something different. I know they look so cute and adorable and complicated, but it is actually easier than you thought. Check it with me.


Almond flour 70g

Powdered sugar 62g

Egg white 60g

Granulated sugar 60g


Sift almond flour and powdered sugar, set aside.

Egg white mix with granulated sugar; stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Place the bowl over a pot with simmering water, heat and stir until it reach 50 or 122.

Pour the egg white into another bowl, use a hand mixer, and beat until smooth. Then mix it with almond flour and powdered sugar, whisk until smooth.

Save most of the batter to mix with food coloring (brown), and some to mix with food coloring (pink), and some with no food coloring. Put them into three piping bags.

Get the cute bear picture printed, a parchment paper to cover it, and draw accordingly.

Once you done painting, keep the oven at 50(122), let the macarons in it for about 4 minutes to dry. Then set the oven to 160(320), bake for 12 minutes.

Thank you for reading. 

If you have made this or you are going to, don't forget to share with us! Leave a comment, and let us chat. 😘

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