Strawberry Crepes Cake

Strawberry Crepes Cake

For the crepes:

10g butter

3 eggs

25g sugar

20g cornstarch

60g cake flour

300g milk


For the cream filling:

80g strawberry puree

30g sugar

2g gelatin

700g heavy cream

35g sugar


For the jelly top:

80g strawberry puree

40g sugar

5g gelatin

30g water


1. Make the jelly top first. Soften the gelatin in iced water. Melt the frozen strawberry puree; add in sugar, softened gelatin, and water, place over low heat and mix until smooth. Pour the mixture into the mold and send into the fridge to chill until still.
    2. In a bowl, melt the butter, add in eggs, sugar, cornstarch, cake flour and milk, and mix until smooth. Sift the batter three times to get rid of the lumps.
    3. Grab a non-stick pan. Do not grease it. Heat the pan over medium heat first, once it is heated, turn into low heat, pour a cup of batter into the pan. Since the pan is hot, a thin layer of crepe will appear immediately. Pour the extra flowing batter back into the bowl. Place the pan over low heat, gently move the pan around to make sure the crepe is evenly heated. Once it has bubbles, peel the thin layer off from the corner. Let it cool down on the cooling rack. Repeat this step until you use all the batter.
    4. Make the cream filling. Melt the frozen strawberry puree, place over low heat, add in sugar, stir until the sugar dissolve. Then set aside to let it cool down. In a clean bowl, add in heavy cream, sugar, and softened gelatin, beat until it thickens. Add in strawberry puree mixture; beat until it forms soft peaks.
    5. Over a cake stand, a layer of crepe and a layer of cream filling. Repeat this st ep until you use all the crepes and cream. Top it with the strawberry jelly. Decorate it with extra cream. Send the cake into the fridge to chill about 10-15 minutes before serve.
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