Lemon Crepe Cake with Lemon Curd Top

Lemon Crepe Cake with Lemon Curd Top

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For the lemon curd:

Lemon juice 60g (2-3 lemons)

Sugar 50g

Egg 1

Egg yolk 1

Butter 20g                                                           



Mix 1 whole egg, 1 egg yolk, sugar, butter, and lemon juice into a pot, stir with a whisk until it gets thicker (texture like mayonnaise). Once it is done, pour into the mold (save some to mix with the filling cream), chill until still (gain a jelly texture).


For the crepes:

Milk 250g

Heavy cream 80g

Butter 20g

Sugar 25g

Cake flour 50g

Cornstarch 25g

Eggs 3

Vanilla extract 3g



In a bowl, mix milk, sugar and butter, stir over a pot with simmering water to melt the butter or you can use the microwave oven to help. Mix with rest of the ingredients, whisk until smooth, then run them through a fine mesh strainer twice. Heat the non-stick pan, when the pan is hot, pour in a scoop of batter, let the batter run through the pan and form a thin layer. When it starts to bubble (including the corners), gently peel the layer off and let it cool on a cooling rack. Repeat the process until the batter runs out.


For the cream:

Heavy cream 500g

Sugar 50g

Lemon curd 

Vanilla extract 5g



Put all the ingredients into the bowl, use a stand mixer, and beat until it forms soft peaks.


One layer of crepe and one layer of whipped cream. Keep repeating this process until you run out of crepes and cream.



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