Anodized Aluminum Loose Bottom Round Chiffon Cake Pan


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  • Food grade material with a high heat resistance up to 446℉/230℃. Superior heat conductivity provides even heating. Easily bake a beautiful golden brown chiffon cake with its help.
  • A pan for chiffon cakes: If you are looking for a cake pan to bake chiffon cakes without any collapsing, this is the one! Our cake pan has an inner surface which the batter can cling to when rising and while cooling upside down and thus the cake can rise beautifully as it bakes and comes out to be high, light and fluffy.
  • Loose bottom for easy removal: our cake pan has detachable bottom so you can release the cake from the pan without tearing it. Simply run a thin plastic spatula around the sides to loosen the cake and pop it out from the bottom.
  • No batter leaking: Two parts of the pan fit perfectly together. No curves or groove to hide batter or dirt. Rest assured that there is no batter leaking out of the bottom while it is baking.
  • Well-polished finish, easy to clean: Fine craftsmanship and no sharp edges. High sturdy sides and rolled edges produce beautifully straight edges. Not dishwasher safe, but very easy to clean with soapy water and a dishcloth. A gentle scrub can wipe off all the cake crumbs with ease.
  • Two sizes to choose: We have two sizes of chiffon cake pans. You can pick the 6-inch round cake pan to make a single serve chiffon cake. If you tend to make cakes for a family or a taller and larger chiffon cake so you can slice it into several layers, the 8-inch one would be a better choice.
  • Not just for chiffon cakes: You can use it to bake chiffon cakes, various sorts of sponge cakes, cheesecakes or brownies, or you can use it as a cake mold (since it has a removable bottom) to make some no bake desserts such as no bake cheesecakes, mousse cakes, ice cream cakes and so on.

6-inch, 8-inch


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