Heat Resistant Macaron Silicone Baking Mat, Half Sheets Size, Pack of 2


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  • [Not just make it, we upgrade it.] We are a professional kitchenware producer who have been focus on customer experience. In order to offer better and eco-friendly kitchenware, U-Taste collects customer suggestions of all similar products on Amazon. And then upgrade the products based on the data of the bad evaluation with the aim to provide customers with better kitchenware products.
  • [446ºF heat resistant feature] We use the food grade liquid silicone (the same material as baby nipple) to wrap fiberglass, which is more heat resistant and won’t melt in your oven. Also no smells or smoke, meeting 9.83% buyers’ needs. The inner fiberglass weave insures even heat distribution. Whether you are roasting veggies or making cookies, uneven doneness is no concern. You don’t need to worry that your cookies burned on half of the bottom of them while not completely baked on top.
  • [Twice glue-dipping process for edge enhancement] Normally, after cutting out the required size, the edge will be soaked in silicone to prevent from peeling off. However, we upgrade the edge treatment to twice glue-dipping process, which it more sturdy and the edge won’t fray and peel easily. The thickness is 0.8mm, not too thin or flimsy. You can use it for cooking — cook chicken wings, fish, roasting veggies, etc. Also for baking — make biscuits, macarons, churros, icing practice, etc.
  • [Non-stick and non-slip] Nothing will stick to this baking liner and it cleans up easily. Cookies and macarons pop right off once cooled. You will love that besides food sliding easily off the non-stick surface, that it helps protect all your baking pans and such. This feature meets 17.69% buyers’ needs. It is also no slipping, easy to place in pan and doesn’t slide around like paper does.
  • [Both cm and inch measurement] The large inch and cm measurement markings along the edge are clearly defined and well printed (won’t fade away) and friendly to older eyes. Circle guides do a really great job of keeping the spacing great and the size just right. great for baking macaroons, meeting 6.77% buyers’ needs. 11x11inch (27.2×27.2cm) to match your 11×11″ square cake baking pan and make your pan clean.

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