Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer with 30 Mesh Hole


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  • [Not just make it, we upgrade it.] We are a professional kitchenware producer who have been focus on customer experience. In order to offer better and eco-friendly kitchenware, U-Taste collects customer suggestions of all similar products on Amazon. And then upgrade the products based on the data of the bad evaluation with the aim to provide customers with more perfect kitchenware products.
  • [Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel] No rusting issues with U-Taste fine mesh strainer. It is safe to sieve ingredients during food prep and strain food (like juice, jam, and broth) to serve. The 30 mesh screen is firm, showing no sign of deforming when you pat on it, capable to bear heavy foods up to 5 KG. U-Taste applied special technique into the production process to make sure its mesh tightly connected with the rim, so they will not easily rip or tear when pressing ingredients through.
  • [Solid Riveted Handles] Spot-welded handles may not survive when straining heavy foods like cups of flour or brown sugar. But there is no more issue of handles breaking off with U-Taste fine wire mesh strainer. As we enlarged its connecting space with a 1.8 mm thick steel sheet stamped onto the frame following the frame’s radian. The small top loop that allows food colander rest over a cup, pot or bowl is riveted to the basket as well.
  • [30 Mesh Fine Sieve] Mesh comes with 0.6 mm diameter holes. It is fine enough to prevent tiny seeds or grain particles from falling through during straining, but not too dense and cause blocking requiring extra efforts to shake it, nor too lose and let everything out. The mesh is deep, which is helpful to prevent overflow when you are sifting powdery ingredients like sugar powder, flour, quinoa, and cornstarch. The silicone coated handle offers a comfortable grip and a better control.
  • [Versatile Two Sizes] The small (3.9 inch) flour sieve can fit over cups or bowls when making loose-leaf tea, straining French press coffee, or making juice like cocktails, wine. The medium (5.5 in) strainer will be handy when sifting flour, sugar powder for baking/cooking, straining pasta, quinoa, rinsing fruits, catching seeds when juicing limes and lemons.This kitchen strainer can easily nest into each other and each has a hanging hole on the handle, easy storage shouldn’t be a problem.

Aqua Sky, Black, Midnight Blue, Orange, Purple, Red


Small (3.9*11.1in), Medium (5.5*13in)


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