Blueberry Muffin

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Blueberry Muffin

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 25 mins Total Time 40 mins
Cooking Temp: 356  °F Servings: 6
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Blueberry Muffins are a classic and beloved treat that combines a tender and moist cake with the juicy, sweet flavor of fresh blueberries. These muffins are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a snack, offering a delicious and satisfying start to your day.

The batter for blueberry muffins is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and butter, combined with a generous amount of fresh or frozen blueberries. The blueberries are gently folded into the batter to ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the muffins. A hint of vanilla or lemon zest can be added to enhance the flavor.

The muffins are baked until they are golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. The result is a muffin that is soft and moist on the inside, with a slightly crisp top that provides a delightful texture contrast.

Blueberry Muffins can be enjoyed plain or topped with a streusel crumb topping made from flour, sugar, and butter for added sweetness and crunch. They are perfect for serving warm from the oven, but they also keep well and can be enjoyed later.

These muffins are loved for their combination of tender cake and juicy blueberries, making them a favorite for breakfast or any time you want a comforting and delicious treat.


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  1. In a clean bowl, mix well cake flour, sugar and butter. Set aside.


  1. In a clean bowl, mix well eggs, sugar, vegetable oil and milk. Sift in cake flour, baking powder, add in vanilla extract and mix well.

  2. Lightly coat the fresh blueberries with flour and mix them with the batter.

  3. Preheat the oven to 356℉(180℃). Line the muffin tin. Grease the surface with butter or oil.

  4. Fill the muffin liners with batter. Cover them with the streusel mixture. Send into the oven and let bake for 25 minutes.


By cake flour, I mean low protein flour, which normally contains 7-9% protein (Mine is around 8%). Not self-rising flour.

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