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Chocolate Cake Sandwich

Chocolate Cake Sandwich

Cook Time 35 mins Total Time 35 mins Difficulty: Beginner Cooking Temp: 302  °F Servings: 6 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year
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A Chocolate Cake Sandwich is a delectable treat that creatively layers two slices of rich, moist chocolate cake around a luscious filling. Ideal for chocolate enthusiasts, this sandwich transforms the classic cake-eating experience into a fun, handheld delight.

The slices of chocolate cake used in the sandwich are typically dense and flavorful, providing a deep cocoa taste that's both indulgent and satisfying. Depending on the recipe, the cake can be either soft and fluffy or more brownie-like in texture, offering a satisfying chew.

The filling between the cake layers is what sets this dessert apart. Common choices include creamy chocolate ganache, velvety chocolate buttercream, or even a rich chocolate mousse. These fillings enhance the overall chocolate flavor, making each bite intensely rich and decadent.

Chocolate Cake Sandwiches are versatile and can be customized according to personal taste. They are perfect for an afternoon snack, a special dessert, or a festive occasion, providing a deliciously unique way to enjoy the beloved flavors of chocolate in a new and exciting form.


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Chocolate Cake Base

  1. Separate the eggs. Keep the egg white bowl cool in the fridge.

  2. In a clean bowl, mix well cocoa powder and vegetable oil, add in hot water, and mix until well combined. Sift in cake flour and mix well. Add in 5 egg yolks, and mix until well combined. Set aside.
  3. Preheat the oven to 302℉(150℃). Line the baking tray (mine is 28*28*2.6cm) with baking mat or parchment paper. Take the egg white bowl out of the fridge. Add in granulated sugar, lemon juice and vanilla extract, and use a hand mixer to beat until it forms soft peaks. Take a scoop of whipped egg white, and gently fold it into the batter until just combined. Pour all the batter back into whipped egg white, and gently fold the egg white in until just combined.
  4. Pour all the batter into the baking tray, smooth it out, give it a tap or two, and send into the oven to bake for 35 minutes.
  5. When the cake are done, take it out of the oven immediately; let it rest on the cooling rack until it is cool to touch. Use an icing spatula to release the cake from edges, turn the whole cake upside down, remove the cake pan, and peel off the baking mat or parchment paper.
  6. Slice the cake in half, set aside.


  1. Melt the bittersweet chocolate chips in 30g heavy cream and mix well. Keep it cool in the fridge.

  2. In a clean bowl, bring together heavy cream and sugar, use a hand mixer to beat until thickened, add in the chocolate mixture, and beat until it forms stiff peaks.

  3. Keep the ganache cool in the fridge.

Assemble the Cake

  1. Spread the ganache onto the upside of the cake base, smooth it out, top it with another slice of cake base. Keep the cake cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes to set.
    Slice and serve.


By cake flour, I mean low protein flour, which normally contains 7-9% protein (Mine is around 8%). Not self-rising flour.

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