Strawberry Sponge Cupcakes

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The combination of sponge cupcakes and strawberries is simple yet pretty and extremely delicious.

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Strawberry Sponge Cupcakes

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 55 mins Rest Time 20 mins Total Time 1 hr 30 mins
Cooking Temp: 266  °F Servings: 9
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Strawberry Sponge Cupcakes are light, fluffy, and bursting with fresh strawberry flavor. These delightful treats are perfect for any occasion, offering a sweet and elegant dessert that is both visually appealing and delicious.

The sponge cake batter is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, whipped to create a light and airy texture. Fresh strawberries are folded into the batter, infusing each cupcake with natural sweetness and a burst of fruit flavor. The batter is then spooned into cupcake liners and baked until golden brown and fluffy.

Once baked and cooled, the cupcakes can be topped with a variety of frostings, such as whipped cream, strawberry buttercream, or a simple dusting of powdered sugar. For added elegance, they can be garnished with fresh strawberry slices, edible flowers, or a drizzle of strawberry sauce.

Strawberry Sponge Cupcakes are perfect for birthdays, tea parties, or any celebration where you want to offer a charming and delightful dessert. Their light and fluffy texture, combined with the fresh strawberry flavor, makes them a favorite among dessert lovers.


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  1. In a clean bowl, separate the eggs. Keep the egg white bowl cool in the fridge.

  2. In a clean bowl, mix well vegetable oil and milk. Mix in cake flour, cornstarch and egg yolks. Set aside.

  3. Grab 8 cupcake liners. Place them in the baking tray. Preheat the oven to 266℉(130℃).

  4. Add lemon juice, vanilla extract, and sugar into the egg white and use a hand mixer to beat until soft peaks form. Pour all the batter into the whipped egg white and gently fold it in until just combined. Pour all the batter into a piping bag. Fill the cupcake liners with the batter. Give it a tap or two. Send into the oven to bake for 40 minutes then set the oven to 302℉(150℃), bake for another 15 minutes. Let the cupcakes cool on the cooling rack.

  5. In a clean bowl, bring together heavy cream and sugar and use a hand mixer to beat until stiff peaks form. Transfer into a piping bag. Garnish the cupcakes with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.


By cake flour, I mean low protein flour, which normally contains 7-9% protein (Mine is around 8%). Not self-rising flour.

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