Basque Cheesecake with Coffee Mousse


Basque Cheesecake Ingredients:

Cream Cheese 125g

Sugar 25g

Egg 1

Instant coffee 15g

Cornstarch 5g

Heavy cream 80g

Dark chocolate 15g

Cocoa powder 2g



In a bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth, add in one egg and cornstarch, and beat until smooth. In another bowl, melt the dark chocolate, mix with heavy cream. Add in cocoa powder, mix well. Dissolve the instant coffee with room temperature water. Pour the cocoa powder cream mixture and instant coffee liquid into the batter, mix well.

Sift the batter once or twice. Pour the batter into the cake molds. Preheat the oven to 200(392) , bake for 14 minutes. Cool them on the cooling rack after, set aside.


Coffee Mousse Ingredients:

Cream cheese 45g

Sugar 15g

Instant coffee 20g

Gelatin 4g

Heavy cream 75g



Dissolve the instant coffee with hot water, put in softened gelatin (soften the gelatin beforehand with iced water) and mix well, set aside to let it cools down. Use a hand mixer, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add in heavy cream; beat until it looks like yoghourt. Add in the instant coffee and gelatin mixture, mix well. Pour the mixture into the cake molds to cover the cheesecake. Send into the fridge, and cool them overnight. Dust them with cocoa powder and it is ready to be served.

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