Coffee Lava Mochi

Coffee Lava Mochi


Coffee Lava Filling

15g instant coffee liquid

30g chocolate chips

15g heavy cream

Coffee Mochi

120g glutinous rice flour

30g cornstarch

40g granulated sugar

180g milk

15g unsalted butter

5g coffee powder/instant coffee

Whipped Cream Filling

280g heavy cream

5g coffee powder/instant coffee

20g granulated sugar



  1. Coffee Lava Filling. In a clean bowl, bring together instant coffee liquid, chocolate chips and heavy cream. Mix and melt the chocolate chips over a double-boiler. Set aside to let cool. Transfer into a piping bag when it is cool.
  2. In a clean bowl, bring together glutinous rice flour, cornstarch, granulated sugar, milk, and coffee powder/instant coffee. Grab a nonstick pan, pour all the batter in, add in unsalted butter, and keep stirring over medium heat until thickened and a dough ball forms.
  3. Dust some cooked glutinous rice flour on to the dough ball and the mat, wear gloves and knead the dough until it becomes stretchy. Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces; roll them into flat and round pieces.
  4. In a clean bowl, bring together heavy cream, coffee powder/instant coffee and sugar. Use a hand mixer to beat until stiff peaks form. Transfer into a piping bag.
  5. Assemble the mochi. Pipe in a layer of whipped cream along the sides, and pipe in the coffee lava filling in the middle, cover it with another layer of whipped cream. Wrap the mochi up, put in a cupcake liner and serve. Or you can let them cool in the fridge for 10 minutes before serve.
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