Most Soft and Moist Cake Roll

Most Soft and Moist Cake Roll

The best cake roll you will ever have. This is going to melt in your mouth, so soft and light, you could not even realize when you finish a large piece of it. I made two flavors this time, one with strawberries, and one has cream only. You can make it with fruits you like, or other fillings like chocolate. You will love this.



Cake Roll

Milk 270g

Butter 45g

Salt 1.5g

Egg yolks 86g

Sugar 20g

Cake flour 45g



Mix egg yolks and sugar, add in cake flour, whisk until smooth. Boil milk, butter and salt, and add into the batter in three times, keep whisking at the same time. Mix well, and pour the batter back into the pot, heat and mix with a whisk until the batter gets thicker. Run it through a fine mesh strainer and set aside.  


Egg white 135g

Sugar 40g

Lemon juice 2g

Vanilla Extract 2g



Beat egg white, sugar and lemon juice and vanilla extract until you can see small peaks form. Take a scoop of beaten egg white, mix well with the batter, then pour all the batter back into the beaten egg white, mix well. Pour them into the baking pan (with parchment paper) , preheat the oven to 145(293), bake for 28 minutes, then set the oven to 170(338) for another 10 minutes.



Cream cheese 30g

Heavy cream 150g

Sugar 8g

Vanilla extract 2g



In another bowl, beat softened cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract until smooth, add in heavy cream, whip until it forms soft peaks.


Kitchenware you will need:

A heat-resistant silicone spatula;

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I like this recipe i tried yesterday it was so delicious but i made with 8 eggs


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